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What challenges might you face as an immigrant?

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What challenges might you face as an immigrant?

It is usually difficult and challenging to go through the immigration law process to become a United States citizen. After moving to Corona, you may face numerous social and economic barriers that may make this time even more difficult. Many of those born in America do not realize the difficulties that immigrants face on a daily basis.

According to Global Citizen, there are many common hardships that you and your family may face with other immigrants in the country. These may include the following:

  • Language barriers – If English is not your native language, your first months in the states may be very difficult. People tend to be impatient with others who cannot speak their language. Not being able to communicate effectively makes it hard to interact with others.
  • Seeking and obtaining employment – Getting a job can be hard when you’re new in the country. The language barrier is only part of the problem. Some employers exploit or discriminate against immigrants, knowing that many of them do not understand their rights.
  • Finding acceptable housing – It is difficult to find a nice place to live without a good job. Consequently, your family may be forced to accept substandard housing or places in bad neighborhoods. Many landlords are known to take advantage of vulnerable immigrants.
  • Raising children and education – Any child can tell you that it isn’t easy to fit in at school when you’re different. This is especially true if they are not familiar with the language and the American school system. You might also be concerned that your children are losing some of their culture and traditions.
  • Cultural differences – Your culture and beliefs may be different from what most Americans believe. This does not make you wrong, but it can create a division when you want to make friends and be accepted in society.

There are still many changes to be made so immigrants can feel more accepted when they become citizens. However, if you are undergoing the naturalization process, you are well on your way toward breaking down many of these barriers.

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