Visa applicants’ social media pages can now be vetted

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People from other countries come to Corona, California to live for many different reasons. Some may wish to work in the United States, others to attend school and still others may want to be closer to members of their families. Anyone who comes to the U.S. from another country will need to apply for a visa. At US Law Center, we understand that your ability to live in the U.S. is very important to you and that the visa application process can be intimidating.

According to ABC News, a new rule has taken effect, which allows those screening visa applications to request additional information if they think it necessary. In addition to being able to require detailed biographical information going back 15 years, screeners can also request five years of an applicant’s social media history. Previously, screeners could only require five years of historical personal information.

Unlike the proposed travel ban, which is currently making its way through the court system, this additional screening is based solely on the individual person and not what country he or she comes from. In addition, if an applicant does not provide the requested information, his or her application may still be approved. Officials estimate that this new rule will apply to a very small portion of visa applicants, approximately 0.5 percent or 65,000 individuals per year.

There are many different kinds of visas that you may apply for, each one with its own set of requirements. For more information on the types of visas available and who is eligible, please visit our web page.


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