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May 2017 Archives

Report finds many undocumented have overstayed their visas

Many people who immigrate to Corona, California enter the country legally, through a student visa, temporary work visa or other type of document that allows them to live, work or study in the United States. However, most of these types of documents have expiration dates and people who do not take action to either leave the country when required or renew their ability to stay become undocumented.

Legally, does it matter if Trump's travel ban is discriminatory?

This week, a panel of three Ninth Circuit judges heard arguments about the constitutionality of President Trump's proposed ban against Muslims from certain countries entering the United States. Does the President have wide latitude to exclude groups of people from entering the U.S.? Or is an exclusionary order combined with anti-Muslim rhetoric is unconstitutionally discriminatory?

Pew: Mexicans no longer the majority of unauthorized immigrants

As immigration professionals, we at U.S. Law Center feel it's important to fight misinformation and stereotyping whenever possible. Therefore, we were interested in a new study by the Pew Research Center finding that Mexicans no longer make up the majority of immigrants in the U.S. illegally. For the first time in a decade, the number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. from other countries overtook the number from Mexico.

LAUSD adopts resolution to make schools immigration 'safe zones'

The Los Angeles Unified School District is the latest California organization to declare its premises to be a safe place from immigration enforcement. The school board has adopted a resolution reaffirming protections already in place for minority and immigrant students and taking a firmer stance in some areas. The Reaffirmation of Los Angeles Unified School District Schools as Safe Zones for Families Threatened by Immigration Enforcement resolution was adopted Tuesday, to the applause of the attending audience.

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