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November 2015 Archives

U visa offers protection for some undocumented immigrants

Many immigrants in Corona, California, are in a vulnerable position due to their lack of documentation. The threat of deportation could make some unwilling to go to law enforcement about a violent crime, even if the act caused significant harm to themselves or to their children.

Can my nonimmigrant work visa be renewed?

Living and working in Riverside and Orange counties in California are possible through a variety of nonimmigrant work visas. If you are in the country legally with one of these documents, and the expiration date on your arrival-departure record is approaching, certain steps are necessary to prevent a change of status that could lead to deportation. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services provides specific guidelines that may allow you to get an extension of stay.

Marrying a foreign national in the United States

If you want to marry a person who is a resident and citizen of another country, and you are a U.S. citizen in Orange or Riverside, California, the federal government has created the means for you to help your fiancé(e) become a legal resident so you can live together in the United States. We at the U.S. Law Center understand that it may be important to you to have the wedding in the United States. Filing a K-1 visa application may be the option that is right for you.

Immigrant safety in California sanctuary cities

A sanctuary is typically associated with a place of safety, such as a church. When the term is applied to a city, undocumented immigrants living and working in Riverside or Orange counties in California, may wonder whether being in one of these locations offers any level of protection from deportation.

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