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April 2015 Archives

What are the different types of temporary work visas?

Every year, citizens of foreign countries apply for work visas and enter the United States for employment. If you are planning on working in the U.S., it is important to understand which type of work visa you will need to apply for and review all of the requirements. For example, some workers may secure a permanent visa, while others only need a temporary worker visa. In Corona, California, and across the country, those who are preparing for employment-based immigration should ensure that they approach the application process properly.

Refugees and family relocation

From obtaining a student visa to pursuing American citizenship, there are all sorts of immigration issues that affect those who want to live in the United States. However, for refugees who were pushed out of their country due to war or persecution, relocation is often particularly significant. Unfortunately, many refugees and asylees have to leave loved ones and friends behind. However, some refugees and asylees in Corona and across California can help certain family members move to the U.S. and it is crucial for them to identify the best course of action.

Which factors are used by the USCIS to assess moral character?

Every year, many people are finally able to fulfill their dream of becoming a U.S. citizen. However, the application process for naturalization can be demanding for applicants in Corona, California, and throughout the country. As a result, those who want to become an American citizen should do everything they can to prepare before they file for naturalization, such as understanding the various eligibility requirements and getting ready for the naturalization test. For immigrants who are committed to securing citizenship, it is imperative to approach the application process properly.

Reviewing the student visa application process

Every year, foreign students come to the United States to attend college. However, it is absolutely imperative for prospective students to ensure that they approach the student visa application process properly. Whether they plan on living in Corona, California, or anywhere else in the country, foreign students should thoroughly prepare their petition and carefully organize all of the documents they will need.

A closer look at family immigration

From fiance naturalization to helping a child or parent move to the United States, people dealing with family immigration are in a variety of circumstances. However, it is imperative for people who are going through this firsthand to ensure that they approach the immigration process properly. In Corona, California, and across the country, those who are preparing to file a petition for immigration to help their relative move to the country should do everything they can to ensure that their application is successful.

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