J-1 exchange visitor visa availabilities and eligibilities

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If a person wishes to visit the U.S. for an exchange visitor program, they will first need to obtain a certain type of nonimmigrant visa which will allow them to stay temporarily within the country. For many people of certain professions, the visa that they may need is a J-1 exchange visitor visa.

Exchange visitors come over to the U.S. for jobs or for activities that they would like to learn or participate in. According to the Department of State, a visitor visa is available to any person who holds one of the jobs listed:

  • A government visitor
  • Department of State visitor
  • Intern or trainee
  • Teacher, student, short-term scholar
  • Research scholars and professors
  • Au pair and EduCare

People working in these areas will be able to use their J-1 exchange visitor visa in order to attend classes, seminars, or even teach or work for a temporary amount of time. Travel within the U.S. borders can also be done with this visa.

In order to obtain a J-1 visa, however, there are a few eligibility requirements that must be met. As the Bureau of Consular Affairs has stated, the visa application can only be completed if an applicant passes several requirements first. These requirements can include a proficiency in the English language, medical insurance that matches and program regulations, as well as both an orientation and proper information from any sponsors that are bringing an immigrant over.

Under these stipulations, an immigrant can obtain their J-1 exchange visitor visa and be able to participate in any type of exchange program that they may be eligible for.


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