Blame pushed on Obama for stalling immigration reform

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Plenty of immigrants and citizens in Riverside may have had reason to celebrate recently. This is because the House Republicans finally announced that they would be sitting down to work out their own version of a bill which would change current U.S. immigration law to make it easier for immigrants within the country to become legal citizens.

Unfortunately, many immigrants may be left in the lurch by the end of this Congressional term. In a move that has attempted to land President Obama with the largest portion of blame, Speaker Boehner has stated that the Republican-controlled House may hold off on passing any reformative legislation centered around immigration related issues until Obama is out of office, due to the fact that he reportedly can’t be trusted to uphold any laws that are passed.

Many people, including immigration activists, are criticizing this move due to the fact that the issues House Republicans have been having with the immigration reform have been going on for quite some time. Some believe that they are simply too afraid to pass any immigration reform bills while election term is approaching due to the fact that they may lose the vote of hard conservatives in doing so. Some believe it possible that Obama is being made to shoulder this blame to deflect from the fact that Republicans are attempting to secure more Republican votes.

No matter what their reason for stalling is, it is bad news for immigrants all across the nation. Despite cautious optimism from some, it may be best for anyone in an immigration-related bind to seek the aid of an attorney in the meantime.

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