Activists use fasts instead of fists to drive point home

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In today’s society, many Riverside citizens may be directly or indirectly related to someone who is an immigrant or hails from an immigrant family. Due to this, many are already aware of the heated U.S. immigration law battle that is occurring and the rather shocking steps some activists are taking to draw attention to it.

The centerpiece of these startling displays is three young activists, who took to fasting just before Thanksgiving and planned to fast through the holiday itself in protest. Some believe it is similar to the fast Chavez struck in order to draw attention to similar issues. While some people, including the protestor’s families, are concerned about their health, safety measures have been taken to ensure that no permanent damage is wrought.

In spite of the potential danger to their personal health, the three activists are staunchly planning on continuing their fast as long as they can manage it. They are hoping that their statement will cause Republicans to take immigration reform seriously, which is a primary concern of theirs. One activist even stated that their move was specifically targeting House Republicans, which they believe are behind the majority of U.S. immigration law reform stalls.

Though the fasting may be harmful, they argue that the current immigration system is harmful as well. This is why they are fighting to fix it in such a strong way. However, the Republicans have still not responded. Those who are facing immigration related issues in the meantime may benefit from the aid of an attorney.

Source: LA Times, “Immigration reform advocates on Thanksgiving fast”, Brian Bennett, Nov. 27, 2013


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