Riverside protests the stalling of immigration reform

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Riverside citizens may be knowledgeable on immigration reform issues due to the fact that this area and all of Southern California have been making pushes for immigration reform in the past few years. Many people are looking to pave an easier path to citizenship for immigrants. When it comes to immigrants being granted citizenshipin America, the two opposing sides are clashing fiercely, which is leading to stalling on both sides.

This is a frustration that many in San Bernardino may understand. Many immigration reform supporters are determined to keep this issue from fading away and have taken to rallying to support their cause. Their determination is something that might be shared by many others pursuing U.S. citizenship that is more easily obtained. There have been threats from the supporters of immigration reform that a new Congress will be elected if the immigration issues are not addressed immediately and to a satisfactory level.

However, some believe that the rallies will not help move the issue forward. There has been no indication that the House will be voting on any reform measures this year in spite of the fact that the Senate has already voted for and approved an immigration reform bill.

The two sides are seemingly at a standstill with neither budging. This may be problematic for any immigrant who still wishes to obtain citizenship, or any immigrants who are hoping for reform. If you are struggling with an immigration-related issue, it may be wise to consult an attorney in the meantime.

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