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Mass Detention

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How To Protect Your Rights When Detained With A Large Group

It is frightening to be detained on immigration charges together with a large group of people. You or a family member may have been caught up in a mass detention situation when:

  • You were crossing the border with a group of people seeking asylum.
  • Your workplace was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  • You were entering the U.S. without documentation together with a large group of people who had paid a “coyote” to get you in without meeting with Border Patrol officials.
  • Your child was placed together with hundreds of other children in a detention center for minors when the two of you were crossing the border planning to seek asylum.

Whatever your situation, the important thing to remember about mass detention is that each person in the group has a unique background and circumstances. You have the right to be represented by an attorney who will prepare your individual defense case. You do not have to be “processed” together with others.

You may have an illness, a history of persecution or a special family situation that makes your case distinct from that of other people around you. The group you were detained with will not face a judge or officer all together and answer questions all together. Instead, each one may have an individual interview, hearing(s) and other processes to go through.

U.S. Law Center in Riverside County, California, has helped many clients who were part of mass detention situations. We help people fight detention and deportation and find paths forward. You may have a valid asylum claim. You may decide to return to your country voluntarily. You may have the right to U.S. citizenship through your parent without realizing it. There is no way to know the best way forward without a lawyer’s individualized analysis and advice.

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