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3 reasons to update your Form I-20 as an F-1 student

As an international student with an F-1 visa, you might feel concerned about the current political climate regarding immigration. You want to do everything right to ensure you do not lose your immigration status. How can you maintain your immigration status? What happens if you need to change your major, transfer schools or update your address?

Reviewing the student visa application process

Every year, foreign students come to the United States to attend college. However, it is absolutely imperative for prospective students to ensure that they approach the student visa application process properly. Whether they plan on living in Corona, California, or anywhere else in the country, foreign students should thoroughly prepare their petition and carefully organize all of the documents they will need.

Assisting clients with various immigration law matters

Each day, people throughout the world suffer due to problems with immigration. Whether they can't see their loved ones or are unable to work in a particular country, daily life can be incredibly difficult for people who are in this position. If you are dealing with this firsthand in Corona, California, or anywhere else in the United States, we understand how important it is for your immigration issues to be addressed properly. At U.S. Law Center, we work hard to help our clients figure out which steps to take next and develop an understanding of how U.S. immigration law affects their options.

How do I get a record clearance for my visa application?

As part of the application process to obtain a U.S. visa, an immigrant may be instructed to get what is called a record clearance. This is basically a background check to show a person's record with law enforcement. If an immigrant has received a traffic ticket or was arrested, this information appears on that record, along with the reasons for the arrest and the resolution of the charges. In California, immigrants can receive their record clearance from the State of California Department of Justice.

House Republicans need convincing that immigration reform is not liberal ploy

Immigrants and activists in Riverside may have experienced a recent upswing in people who wish to obtain their citizenship. Whether it's through naturalization or work visas, more immigrants are getting frustrated with the slow-moving approval system which has all but come to a stop lately.

Using employment to gain health coverage

Immigrants in Riverside may be unfortunately aware of the fact that the ACA isn’t the best plan out there for health coverage, despite its pitch as an all-inclusive program. However, being left out of health coverage can be circumvented through various tactics, including taking up residence with a work visa under your belt.

Healthcare issues within new immigration bill

Today the U.S. Senate officially opened debate on the long-anticipated immigration reform bill. According to an ABC News.com report, lawmakers are set to debate the bill for a number of weeks before putting it to a vote. In our previous posts we have highlighted a number of issues likely to be debated, including the number of visas available for high tech professionals compared to migrant workers, and whether the new law would recognize same sex couples.

Immigration bill to be heard on the Senate floor

The landmark immigration reform bill continues its arduous journey through the U.S. Sentate, and will now be readied for debate on the Senate floor. On Monday, the bill cleared its most important hurdle; passage through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Analyses continuing on immigration reform bill

Work is continuing in the U.S. Senate (seemingly behind the scenes) on the landmark immigration bill. From the financial perspective, a group led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) is reviewing a study provided by the Social Security Administration that could resolve some questions about the effect increased immigration would have on Social Security. 

Undocumented workers face workplace dangers

It is no secret that migrant and temporary workers have a difficult and insecure plight in the American workplace. They often have to take the toughest jobs that no one else wants, and must perform them for less than other American workers. As such, they are injured more often and are less likely to report accidents.

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