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This is why America appreciates its immigrants

Our nation was built on immigration. Without immigration, we would not be the country that we are today. To show you that not everyone stands ready to deny you entry into the U.S., we want to share with you information about the immigrants that have helped to build our country. Many of these immigrants inspired us to want to help migrants enter America legally and contribute to its greatness.

The new California governor stands against immigration hype

The new governor of California, Democrat Gavin Newsom, took over the office in January 2019. The state has been watching the actions of Gov. Newsom to see how he will approach the issues plaguing the state's immigrants. As you might expect, the governor has been making headlines for his stance on these matters.

Positive facts about immigration in America

It may go without saying that the current climate in the United States makes immigration more difficult for those wishing to have a better life. However, it is still possible to gain lawful entry into the country and become a valued member of the population. Not every person in America sees immigration from a negative viewpoint. On the contrary, many U.S. born residents see immigration as a way to improve society and add rich diversity to the nation.

Answers to common questions about Donald Trump's travel ban

On December 4, 2017, the Supreme Court ruled to let the Donald Trump travel ban go forward. You probably hear about these travel restrictions and how the Trump administration wants to change immigration policy in the U.S., but you may not be aware of some important details.

Helping those who wish to become a permanent resident

Whether someone wants to live closer to their loved ones or be able to work in the United States permanently, there are many reasons why people choose to apply for a green card. However, regardless of the details pertaining to an applicant's immigration situation, it is very important for them to identify the best path forward when applying to become a permanent resident in Corona, California, or anywhere else in the country. At U.S. Law Center, we know all too well that applying for permanent legal residency can be difficult for some people. As a result, we work hard to make the application process less complicated for our clients and help ensure that the correct approach is taken.

How can permanent residents help their spouse get a green card?

When someone is a permanent resident in the U.S., they may enjoy a number of benefits, such as the ability to work and live in the country legally. However, life can be difficult for permanent residents in Corona and throughout California who are unable to see some of their close family members, such as their spouse and children. If you are in this position, it is important to understand your options and closely evaluate the green card application process if you wish to help your spouse obtain a green card so they can join you.

ACLU class action targets voluntary departure

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of San Diego and Imperial County has filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and its chief, Janet Napolitano. The ACLU is accusing border patrol agents and ICE officers of using improper tactics to coerce undocumented immigrants into signing summary expulsion documents.

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