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Provision gives some Liberians pathway to citizenship

Immigrants in California who came to the country from Liberia may be eligible for a green card and citizenship. On Dec. 26, 2019, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said it was taking green card applications for Liberians, who will be able to apply for naturalization after holding a green card for five years.

O-1 visas harder to get amid increased scrutiny

Foreign nationals who want to live and work in California or other states may be able to do so by applying for the O-1 visa. The O-1 visa is available to those who have an extraordinary musical or other type of talent. Those who have won a major award or are otherwise known for their contributions to the world of science or art typically have little problem having their applications approved.

Immigration bottleneck could impact America's AI advantage

The California-based companies Google, Nvidia and Tesla are leading innovators in the field of artificial intelligence, and they were all founded by immigrants. Two out of three graduate students in fields related to AI are foreign-born, but many industry experts worry that America's increasingly restrictive immigration system could change this situation and erode the country's dominance in the area. These experts point out that the number of employment-based green cards available each year has not increased since 1990 even though the U.S. economy has doubled in size.

What are the green card eligibility categories?

There are many diverse paths to citizenship for people living outside of the U.S. To obtain a green card, which allows permanent legal residency, you must fit into one of the eligibility categories. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains a few of these categories so you can make a determination about your future. 

Successfully maneuvering the green card process

For many people, the process of applying for a green card can be time-consuming, full of uncertainty and very stressful. Some people are unable to obtain a green card, and this can be especially frustrating when they would have been qualified for a green card but did not take the right approach to the process. Our law office knows how daunting the green card process can be, but we also know how rewarding it can be for those who have successfully worked their way through the entire process. If you are able to do so, your life may transform in various ways.

What are the eligibility requirements for naturalization?

The process of becoming eligible to be considered for naturalization in California is a unique method that allows you to prepare for permanent residency in the United States. If followed properly, you can simultaneously learn about America and become accustomed to the culture, as well as gradually meet the formal requirements that are listed as part of your quest to be granted permanent residency. 

Young immigrants fleeing abuse may be 'too old' for green cards

Since the 1990s, the United States has allowed immigrant children under 21 years old to retain a court appointed guardian if they were victims of abuse or neglect through a Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJ) classification. With an SIJ classification, young immigrants have been eligible for a green card that allows them to legally reside in the United States. However, the Trump administration has begun denying applications from immigrants once they reach 18 years old.

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