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What misconceptions do people have about unauthorized immigrants?

If you live in Riverside or Orange County, it is likely that the topic of undocumented immigrants is a popular one. If you or someone you know does not possess the proper paperwork to be in this country, you may be interested in learning more about what many people get wrong about these types of immigrants. Here are some common misconceptions that many people have.

For starters, given all of the attention that this issue has garnered in recent times, you might think that the number of undocumented people living in the United States was rapidly increasing. However, according to the Pew Research Center, unauthorized immigrants make up only 3.4 percent of the overall population, down slightly from its peak in 2007. In addition, many of those who are undocumented have already been living here for many years. In 2014, 66 percent of unauthorized adults had been in the country for at least ten years.

One of the largest issues surrounding immigrants revolves around employment. Statistics show that of the people in this country who are working or who are job hunting, 5 percent do not have the proper paperwork to be here.

Finally, given how much attention is being given to the idea of building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, many people assume that Mexicans account for a large number of unauthorized residents. While in the past, the majority of undocumented people did come from Mexico, that is no longer true. Those numbers have been declining and people from Mexico now make up about half of the undocumented population.

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