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Fewer temporary work visas mean less summer help for employers

While some people who immigrate to California intend to stay for a long time or even become permanent residents of the United States, others choose to come for a few months to work and then return to their native countries. At US Law Center, we understand that you may rely on these types of workers to help you meet increased demand during the busy summer months.

However, a recent tightening on the number of temporary visas available for workers from other countries has many business owners worried, reports TIME Magazine. A lot of arguments have been made by politicians lately that foreign workers take jobs away from American workers. Critics also say that foreign labor drivers down wages and that increasing hourly wages may make jobs more attractive to Americans who would not otherwise consider them.

The main industries that utilize H-2B non-agricultural workers are landscaping and hospitality. Many Americans simply do not wish to work as laborers or dishwashers. Therefore, many business owners have seasonal employees that return year after year. In the past, those returning workers were not counted toward the yearly cap of 66,000. However, that exception no longer applies and many are finding that their applications for their workers are being rejected.

While a proposal has been floated that will increase the yearly cap of H-2B visas, it will not do much to help the employers who need workers immediately for the upcoming season. For more information on hiring foreign workers for your business, please visit our web page.

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