House Republicans need convincing that immigration reform is not liberal ploy

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Immigrants and activists in Riverside may have experienced a recent upswing in people who wish to obtain their citizenship. Whether it’s through naturalization or work visas, more immigrants are getting frustrated with the slow-moving approval system which has all but come to a stop lately.

“Partisan paralysis” is one term that has been cropping up more and more lately, and it’s been used increasingly in reference to the fact that Congress has completely stalled out on any and all immigration related movements for years now, despite the increasing pressure on all government parties to lessen the harshness of its current policies and make citizenship more accessible to all. In an attempt to get rid of this freeze, a new bill has been brought up which may open a new path to citizenship for undocumented children of immigrants.

This bill would open a path to citizenship by allowing these undocumented children to enlist in the U.S. military when they reach the applicable age. By serving their country, they would then open up the ability to become full-fledged citizens. Some are debating the legitimacy of this bill. However, those who argue for the bill are saying that it is simply a feasible way to get around the deadlock that Congress has been in for years.

Even if this does pass and go into effect, it may still be a long time before it can be a viable method for immigrant children. The ones who are struggling in the here and now may not benefit from it. If you are currently fighting for citizenship, you may benefit from the aid of an immigration attorney who can help you figure out how to obtain it.

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